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Why should we install video surveillance in shops?

Answering the question " Why install a video surveillance system in the store? " Is very simple and straightforward , but unfortunately many owners of grocery stores , and non-stop shops are not yet fully convinced of the need for surveillance.

Do you fully trust your staff ?

Are you sure you do not go away money from the cashier ?

Are you OK with their products ?

Are you convinced that your customers will be tempted to shop without paying ?

If the answer to these questions is "YES" , then you can stop reading here , otherwise this article is just for people like you. People who have invested labor, effort and money in the development of their business. People who have entrusted their money in the hands of employees, which unfortunately are not always as honest and loyal as we wanted. Surely you are one of those business owners who need video surveillance.

We can not give you the exact formula for how much or what type of camera mount on the site because every video surveillance system is individual and depends on the specific requirements and needs of the site, but we can help you in your selection.

Just because we know that one can not understand everything , and you do not need , we at MSI Bulgaria Ltd have developed ready kits and CCTV systems that maximally facilitate your choice , and to enable our customers to cope alone with the installation .

Installing a video surveillance system in the store, restaurant or salon for beauty you get:

Opportunity to be informed what is going on in the house while you 're not there

Peace of mind that the product and your money is protected

The cameras have not only the security function. The presence of CCTV cameras has a strong psychological effect - your employees will respect the way you work and your clients with their behavior . CCTV cameras can not stop someone decided to rob your store , but the presence of CCTV will certainly make them think twice before you do anything is

If you would like to take advantage of our proposals ready for a video surveillance system , you can see the sets here . If you need additional information about cameras, dvr recorder or other related CCTV , you can send your inquiry via the contact form in the comments below or just contact our associate online chatting on our store CCTV . We will be happy to assist you.
Date of publication - 2014-01-22

CCTV systems with IP cameras from MSI Bulgaria

The company is one of the fastest growing market for video surveillance equipment in the country. In response to changing technologies and increasing consumer demand MSI Bulgaria expands and enriches its range of available modern , high-quality and high-definition IP cameras and IP video surveillance systems .
Why IP cameras and IP -based video surveillance systems ?
Like any technology industry and the field of video surveillance is a dynamic , constantly with new and new , more qualitative and, at the same time and more affordable products. Of course, do not make an exception and IP CCTV products .
In this environment, more and more users choose and prefer to purchase and install IP cameras and IP video surveillance system . The reasons are many - starting with the fact that the resolution of even the lowest class of IP cameras is Megapixel 1-1,3 , and prices starting from 150 to 180 BGN number , go through the freedom to set up and manage the cameras thanks to a supplied software and get to the reliability and flexibility of a video surveillance system with IP cameras.
Did you know ... ? ?
... "Hikvision ( China ) is one of the largest manufacturers of digital video recording in the world - the company has 30 years experience in research and development of technologies for digital transmission and recording of video today employs 3000 employees than 1400 highly qualified R & D engineers. Proof of performance is the presence of Hikvision in Deloitte for Top50 high-tech companies in China and in Forbes ranking of the most influential Chinese companies , where the company is under № 4 for 2008 , 2010 , № 3 2012 , the 2013 .
... resolution analog camera with 700TVL almost 5 -fold lower than that of the camera with a resolution of 1.3 megapixels ...
IP camera ... can not only be seen , but I set up and managed from a distance not only from a computer, but also from a mobile phone or tablet ...
CCTV ... with IP cameras can be set to send a picture to your personal email address when motion is detected ...
May be consulted in the office , MSI Bulgaria on IMEI or online chat may be consulted at the time of the associate company in all matters related to video surveillance . So easily, quickly and conveniently from MSI Bulgaria will help you choose the right and suitable IP cameras, also for your security system and CCTV.
Date of publication - 2014-02-04

What is HD-SDI ? HD-SDI – HD video surveillance with coaxial cable

This is the primary interface, which is used for the transmission of HD video resolution HD 720p and 1080p, audio and data over coaxial cable.
HD-SDI (High Definition Serial Digital Interface) is an interface standard for the transmission of uncompressed digital video with high resolution coaxial cable, at a rate of 1.485 Gb / s.

HD-SDI (High Definition Serial Digital Interface) offers an image without compression, with resolution 720p or 1080p. This is much higher resolution than that of ordinary analog cameras for analog video surveillance. Image without interference and losses as transmission signal with high resolution with no compression. PTZ-control is fast and efficient because-there is no delay in the transmission of digital signal. HD-SDI operates with coaxial cable (can be used existing installation for analog cameras). No need for further adjustment of the system - there are no restrictions in the protocol compatibility or complicated configuration, as in IP-system. The work is not affected and does not depend on established Internet network. There is possibility to be combined with analog video surveillance and HD-SDI cameras via hybrid HD-SDI digital video recorder.

Most importantly for HD-SDI:
* Uncompressed digital signal
* Work on coaxial cable (can be used existing installation for analog cameras)
* Allows cable runs up to 100 m
* Without delay the image
* Best quality compared to analog and IP-products
* Allows lower prices of equipment - cameras and recorders, compared with the same class IP cameras and NVR recorders
Date of publication - 2014-11-24