The main goal of MSI Bulgaria is to provide its customers with competent and continuous support in solving their information problems.
MSI Bulgaria offers you full spectrum of video surveillance products for building contemporary, smart and functional video surveillance systems that will meet the sophisticated security requirements of all clients.
An access control system is a system which enables an authority to control access to areas and resources in a given physical facility or computer-based information system. An access control system, within the field of physical security, is generally seen as the second layer in the security of a physical structure.
Modern security systems are characterized by a wide range of technical solutions designed to protect the property. Whatever the decision, any professional alarm system is made up of elements that perform similar functions over the years established its place as a leader among the leading companies in Bulgaria, Specialized in this field
ELA Public Address (100V) Systems. Home Audio & Video. Microphones. PA Equipment.
Optique d'épissage de fibres. Organisation de la douille et l'agencement de l'ODF. Optic tests lignes, localisation des défaillances et leur élimination.
Fire alarm is a critical factor for the safety of your home and business. Fire alarm systems are the first obstacle to the dangers of huge human and property damage caused by one of the most destructive elements of modern life – uncontrolled fire. Serious approach to the problem is crucial for the survival of the residents and businesses in very critical situations.

"MSI Bulgarie", Ltd a ses propres plates-formes à haute (tables élévatrices jusqu'à 12 mètres), offrant des solutions pratiques à partir des grands projets clés pour les plus petits. Les priorités de l'équipe de l'entreprise de sécurité en utilisant l'auto nacelle de propulsion, et la précision et la rapidité du service.
"MSI Bulgarie", SARL dispose de 8 pièces. aluminium mobiles échafaudages d'une hauteur de travail allant jusqu'à 9 mètres (classe d'échafaudages - 3 norme EN 1004, la charge maximale de la plateforme - 180 kg de charge).
"MSI Bulgaria" OOD builds all types of electrical power in buildings. Implement operational main electric panels, distribution boards and apartment type. "MSI Bulgaria" Ltd. is a distributor of the company "Scharck", "Legrand" and "Schneider Electric" and according to customer's requirement provides assembling systems such apparatus.