Syncro analogue addressable control panels Synchro

Analogue Addressable Fire Control Panels
Manufacturer — Kentec Electronics Ltd.
Features. Two or four loop control panels. Hochiki ESP, Apollo or Argus protocols. Optional zonal LED indicators for 16, 48 or 96 zones. Four programmable conventional sounder circuits. Programmable inputs and outputs in panel. Full function or LCD repeaters. Network connection of up to 64 panels. Optional modem for remote communication. 16 way I/O boards on RS485 bus. Simple windows ® configuration programme. GUIDE alarm management system. Basic 2 loop control panels can be supplied with Hochiki ESP or Apollo protocols. All devices in both manufacturers ranges are supported including the new ACA-E multi-sensor and CHQ-FIO multiple input/output unit from Hochiki and the discovery range from Apollo. All inputs and outputs of all devices are individually programmable as if they were separate addresses. An additional 2 loop board can be added to any 2 loop panel.