CDV Centaur

Access Control Systems
Manufacturer — CDVI
The CDV Centaur system is a highly sophisticated, modular, distributed access control system optimized for a wide variety of applications ranging from modest apartment complexes to the most demanding security environments such as prisons, critical infrastructure protection and industrial facilities.
Centaur is a field-proven, mature and stable technology – under constant development – with numerous small and large installations in Canada, the United States and throughout the world. Centaur systems have been in production and field use for over 10 years.
Every edition of Centaur includes several standard modules – Pro-Report (Tracker Time & Attendance), FrontGuard, Locator, WavePlayer, FrontCard and FrontView. The Centaur system optimizes user investment by providing a rich set of features including report generation, basic time and attendance, real-time graphical interface and much more.
Software edition:
Features LITE
CS-AC-Lite Standard
CS-AC-Std Professional
CS-AC-Pro** Enterprise
Sites 1 64 64 64
Serial Ports 1 1 1 4
Dial Up – Yes Yes Yes
TCP/IP – Yes Yes Yes
Cards* 512 2048 8196 16384
Controllers* 16 32 64 256
Doors* 16 128 512 2048
Elevator Control* – Yes Yes Yes
Elevator Cars* – 32 128 512
Floors per car – 64 64 64
Floor groups – 128 128 128